Heal Yourself, Heal Your World

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When you open your intuition and experience your capacity to heal and balance yourself, you naturally become a healing and compassionate presence in the world. Ajeet Kaur, a lifelong student of Sat Nam Rasayan, introduces Kundalini Yoga and meditation as practices to reset your nervous and glandular systems so that you can feel relaxed and make decisions from the heart and soul. You experience

  • Self-reflection and inner work to clear the past and connect to a space of stillness where healing naturally unfolds
  • Meditations and practices to stay strong, clear, effective, and protected as a healer
  • Live music from Ajeet and other world-class musicians.
  • Join Ajeet for this rare opportunity to deepen and expand your healing presence.

Note This program includes early-morning practice.

Special evening event Concert with Ajeet, Wednesday, June 7, 7:30 pm. Free for in-house guests; no general public tickets available.

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  • Heal Yourself, Heal Your World

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