Xperience Festival, Germany

Experience Sound & Silence, Music, Mantras, Bhakti. Heart opening connection. Experience lifestyle. Experience Yoga, Talks, Eco-vegan food, cooking shows, workshops, a Fair Wear-marketplace and community. Enjoy life. Experience Spirit. Experience YOU.

Whether you come from yoga, love music, juggling, being free in life, whether you are dealing in life with Healing, Reiki, GRP, martial arts … or whether you are just a survivor, here you will find a space where you replace you, tell you to learn, share, and where you can also just enjoy to be with like-minded people to breathe, to arrive.

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Yoga Vidya Horn-Bad Meinberg
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  • Xperience Festival, Germany

  • Yoga Vidya Horn-Bad Meinberg


  • “Peace” Official music video from At the Temple Door