Many Moons Womens Online Course
With Ajeet Kaur

Yoga | Music | Healing
January 16 – February 15, 2018

A woman’s journey of sisterhood,
healing, and radiant abundance


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New Moon Live Event
January 16th

Chant Heal and Celebrate in a Sacred Healing Space.

Many moons

In our first week together we will explore our cyclical nature as women. By becoming more sensitive and aware to our cycles, we can learn to flow with our inner nature, rather than feel restricted by it’s ever-changing nature. In this week we will explore exercises, yoga, meditation, and time to share about menstruation, moon centers, and the ever changing nature of being Woman.

A Woman’s Sacred Body

In this second week we will look to nature’s endless source of healing and vitality through healing foods, recipes, herbs, and practices to nourish the sacred temple of your body.This week we will deepen into a physical foundation of hormone balance, health and vitality on your unique healing path.

Full Moon Live Event
January 31st

The full moon is a powerful time for women to come together. It’s a moment when we are full, strong and our intentions carry an enhanced power. We will come together with the intention to heal, and to bring to life the intentions set throughout the first half of our course. Through song, meditation, and ritual, we will nurture and receive the gift of each other’s company as women on a healing path.

The Art of Letting Go

As women we have a great capacity to hold, receive, and contain. Often this is our gift, but at times we hold too much, and don’t remember how to release and clear our own space. In this third phase of our moon cycle we will spend the week with practices and rituals to clear, release and let go. Our focus will be on creating space, healing past wounds through practice and reflection, and coming into this moment more clear and spacious.

The Road Ahead

In this fourth week each participant will receive a practice from Ajeet, individually chosen to meet where you are on your journey. As a group we will connect with our intentions for the next cycle, and experience practices for abundance and prosperity, a woman’s natural way.

Full Moon Live Event
February 15th

Chant Heal and Celebrate in a Sacred Healing Space.

What You’ll Receive:

  • A full moon cycle experience, beginning on the New Moon, a Full Moon event, and a closing event on the next New Moon
  • A Many Moons course manual with meditations, recipes and practices to work with during the course, and to support you to carry the sacredness of the feminine spirit with you long after the course is complete
  • A weekly video class with Ajeet for you to watch on your own time throughout the week
  • A weekly email with tools and guidance for each week’s theme
  • A weekly livestream session with Ajeet and the whole group for more individual guidance, Q & A, and to connect with our community of sisters

Many Moons: A woman’s journey of sisterhood, healing and radiant abundance

A relaxed woman is an intuitive woman. An intuitive woman is empowered in who she is. An empowered woman can heal generations to come. Many of us struggle just to maintain our day to day balance, caring for ourselves while still caring for those we love, and living our life’s work while still taking time and space to nourish our bodies, relax our minds, and connect with our inner world.

This 4-week online course includes yoga, meditation, herbal remedies, healing foods, self-reflection, sisterhood and ancient healing systems to come back to your own center. As women, we need space to stay connected to our cycles, our moon centers, and our own creative cycle to stay nourished and connected. We often become disconnected from our bodies, our rhythms and our deepest source of vitality, resulting in stress, unbalanced emotions, and a disconnect with our sense of self. Together we will take the time to remember the wisdom of ancient traditions, as well as the unique wisdom each woman carries, coming home to ourselves in a circle of women.

Give yourself this time and space to reconnect to your health, vitality and abundance. First we must be our own healers, then we can heal the world together. Let your spirit rise!