At the Temple Door


On Ajeet Kaur’s newest release, her indelible vocals weave songs and mantras over a bed of Todd Boston’s light finger-style guitar, flutes, cello, tabla and the beautiful harmonies of Snatam Kaur. At the Temple Door is a journey through the portal of your own self, opening doors to the unknown that lies inside every heart. Let yourself be gently led inside.

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The album is arranged in a manner that reflects a day’s journey from dawn until dusk. The first track you’ll hear, Ajeet says, is a celebration of life, the moment when you feel that you are part of everything—the trees, the animals, and every person. It’s called “In Bloom (Dharti Hai).” Ajeet explains the mantra: Dharti Hai is the earth and Akash Hai is the sky. Guru Ram Das Hai means “the servant of God is me.” As you chant, you can feel your feet on the earth and your connection to the sky above.

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