Many Moons Online Course: Celebrate Abundance


What You’ll Receive:

  • A full moon cycle experience, beginning on the New Moon, a Full Moon event, and a closing event on the next New Moon
  • A Many Moons course manual with meditations, recipes and practices to work with during the course, and to support you to carry the sacredness of the feminine spirit with you long after the course is complete
  • A weekly video class with Ajeet for you to watch on your own time throughout the week
  • A weekly email with tools and guidance for each week’s theme
  • A weekly livestream session with Ajeet and the whole group for more individual guidance, Q & A, and to connect with our community of sisters

Give yourself this time and space to reconnect to your health, vitality and abundance. First we must be our own healers, then we can heal the world together. Let your spirit rise!


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