Stockholm, Sweden

Workshop – 15:00
Join Ajeet for a journey of music, meditation and movement to release tensions of the past and come into a deeper connection with your own heart and deepest self. Ajeet grew up surrounded by practices to heal and connect to the soul. Now as she travels the world sharing her music, she cherishes the moments when she can also share her own practices of healing and inner connection, allowing for a more rich relationship with our voices, our songs and our communities.

Sacred Chant Concert – 17:00
Sing, dance, and come into connection as Ajeet and her band invite you on a journey into the healing world of song. In ancient traditions chanting has been a way for people to come together as an expression of unity, and an experience of healing. Come together in celebration, in song, in spirit. Together we rise!

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Alviks Kulturhus
  • +46.73.412.6291


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  • Stockholm, Sweden

  • Alviks Kulturhus


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